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How do I communicate with Soble Law?

We work with the “sunset” policy which means that we endeavor to return all inquiries and questions before the end of each business day.  We will either contact you by telephone or by email. (E-mail inquiries receive a faster response.) 

The 888-789-1715 pulls double duty as a toll free number and also recognizes and accepts faxes. If you intend to fax more than 10 pages, we would rather receive your copies by mail, or you can drop off your copy package at the front desk. Also, please do not send jpegs by email. If you are going to scan papers, please make them into a PDF file.

You may also get in touch with me using our FREE app. To download, simply text “PROVEN” to 36260.

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people, and so the best way to schedule a time to speak is to “book” an appointment.  It’s easy:  Go to  Thank you in advance.

Our success is not only based upon years of legal and practical experience, but also upon open and quality communication with the most important person in our practice: YOU!