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What do I do if I need to get a document recorded?

Some documents – such as deeds or land contract memorandums – need to be recorded in the proper county in order to be valid.  Such documents will contain a notary section.  Without this, the document cannot be recorded.

  1. Take the printed document to a notary public and sign it in front of the notary – they will attest to the validity of the signature.
  2. A notary public can often be found at your local banking institution or mailing services, such as the UPS store.  There may or may not be a fee involved with the notarization.
  3. As an alternative, make an appointment to come in to the Soble Law office, and we will be able to assist in the notarization of the document.  YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FIRST. Do not “drop in” and expect us to be able to assist you right away.

Return the signed, notarized document to the office, and we will complete the recording process.  There is a recording fee involved that will be charged to the client account; this fee must be paid in full before we will release the final, recorded document to you.

Optionally, you can take the signed, notarized document to the recorder’s office in the appropriate county, pay the fee, and get the document recorded on your own.  The clerks in the recorder’s office will assist you in that process directly.