When it comes to Real Estate and Contract Law

We’ll Tell You What Others Won’t.



When it comes to Real Estate and Contract Law

We’ll Tell You What Others Won’t.


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 Your Hiring Expectations 

Hiring the right real estate and contract attorneys is critical if you want to ensure that your real estate and finance transaction goes smoothly.  When  a dispute arises, it is just as important to resolve your legal matter effectively, fairly and most importantly, affordably. 

In Michigan, maneuvering through real estate transactions, contract negotiations, and complex litigation can not only feel frustrating, but at times, overwhelming.   One missed technical real estate or contract consideration or a failure in due diligence, can be  financially and emotionally draining and, most importantly, costly.  

For more than 30 years, former big bank insider David Soble, and his award-winning legal team of Michigan real estate and contract lawyers at Soble Law, have been involved with hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts and real estate transactions.  

Our team of experienced transaction and litigation attorneys represent individuals, buyers, sellers, homeowners, real estate investors, and business owners in a variety of contract disputes and legal matters concerning residential, mixed- use, multi- family, commercial, and industrial properties.

Soble Law is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of property owners throughout Michigan. We are as comfortable in the conference room as we are in the courtroom. Call 888-789-1715 to speak with David Soble and his legal team for a free, no-obligation legal consultation.

 Legal Matters We Handle

Real Estate Law

Real estate and finance law are their own legal specialties. So how do you determine which attorney you should work with...

Contract Law

Contracts regulate expectations between parties. Working without a contract is comparable to walking a high wire without a net.

Business Law

Attorneys having years of both practical business experience as well as legal expertise are rare. David Soble is one of these...

Financial Disputes

David Soble has decades of experience as a 'big bank insider." He and his business management team are uniquely situated when it comes to handling our clients stressful financial...


We regularly and successfully litigate real estate and contract issues.  While we prefer to first resolve our client's issues reasonably and amicably, we can and certainly will escalate....

Probate & Estate Planning

For most people, their home, or other real estate, is the most valuable asset that they own.   We're dedicated to protecting our clients'  assets and ensure that their legal interests...

Legal Decisions Have Consequences

The true value of your attorney is not based on how much paperwork they can generate, but their knowledge and legal guidance.  

Our law firm answers 100s of legal questions every day.

Have the confidence you need when you make your important legal decision.

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