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Dealing with federal tax issues can be a real headache, especially for small business owners and busy individuals who have so much on their plate already.  That’s when Soble Law’s IRS Tax Resolution Services can really help -and our involvement can be a game-changer.

Picture this: You’re a small business owner or very busy individual and for whatever reason, you’re behind on your federal taxes. No sweat.  Our tax resolution services are designed just for folks like you. Here’s what we do:

Your Tax Situation, Unpacked: First things first, we dive deep into your tax situation. Our IRS experts review your financial records and tax returns with a fine-tooth comb to understand exactly what’s going on with your situation.

We Talk to the IRS For You:   Let’s face it, no one loves dealing with the agents at the IRS, and with Soble Law you don’t have to. We take that off your plate. Our attorneys and tax team communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf, making your case and working to find the best way forward.

Craft a Winning Strategy: Together, we come up with a solid financial game plan. Whether it’s setting up a payment plan that won’t break the bank, negotiating a reduced settlement, or exploring other options, we’ve got your back.

Negotiate Like a Pro: We roll up our sleeves and negotiate with the tax bigwigs to get you the best deal possible. That could mean slashing your debt, setting up a manageable payment plan, or finding other creative solutions.

Legal Wizards in Your Corner: Worried about the legal stuff? Our tax resolution experts are legal eagles. They’ll navigate the tricky tax laws, protect your rights, and make sure everything is above board.

Settle Smarter with Offer in Compromise: Ever heard of Offer in Compromise? It’s a neat trick to settle your debt for less than what you owe. We know the ins and outs and can help you make a compelling case to the IRS so that you can have a financial break.

No More Audit Stress:   Facing an audit or appeal? We’ve got your back. Our legal team provides representation, ensuring the process is fair and square.

Learn to Avoid Future Hassles: Okay, it’s not just about fixing the current financial mess. We’ll also give you the keys to keeping your records in check, staying compliant, and avoiding future tax headaches.

So, if the tax man’s knocking on your door, you can now relax. We’re here to turn things around. Let’s get your finances back on track and leave those IRS troubles behind you.  It’s a New Year – are you ready to make your tax worries a thing of the past? Let’s talk at 888.789.1715.

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