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Step 1: Call for Your Consultation

Call 888.789.1715 to speak about your legal concern. 

Step 2: Provide details of your matter.

A Legal Support Team Member will review your initial information.

Step 3: Gather Documents

Make sure that you have all of your documents that relate to your concern available to send via scan or email (No jpegs please).

Step 4: Schedule Attorney Talk

After a brief review by our team member, you can then use the calendar to set a brief time to speak with one of our attorneys.

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Common Questions New Callers Have


Does the matter I am calling about or making an appointment for, need to concern a Michigan or Ohio resident or property?

Yes! Please do NOT make an appointment if your legal concern does not involve a Michigan or Ohio Resident or Property. Instead, please contact our office directly at 888 789 1715 to discuss your concern futher. We will cancel any appointments that do not involve a Michigan or Ohio Resident or Property.


What should I bring to my initial meeting with David?

Unless you have an IN OFFICE APPOINTMENT that is confirmed by our Admin, all appointments are by telephone. Generally you should bring any and all documents that you feel will be helpful to understand your situation. When you bring your papers, try to organize your documents in chronological order. Please do NOT worry if you have all of your documents at the time of our meeting. If there is something that we believe is important to your case, then we will let you know. Very few people come with everything necessary - that's fine, we will wait for you to supplement your documents at a later time.


What if I don't have all of my paperwork before a meeting?

Don't worry if you don't have all of your paperwork. If you are missing a document, it can be supplemented at a later time.


What can I expect at an initial meeting?

Generally initial meetings generally last 15 -20 minutes. You should come prepared to answer questions concerning the "Who" "What" and "Where"s' of your situation. We understand that your matter has been 'festering" for a while before you choose to reach out to a qualified attorney. You've lived through your situation for some time and know it best. Please understand that we are learning about it for the first time, so we will be asking quite a few questions.


Where is your office located?

Again, unless confirmed otherwise, we have all of our appointments with new callers and clients by telephone. We handle legal matters throughout the entire state of Michigan and Ohio. However, our administrative offices are located at:

In Michigan:

Soble PLC
31800 Northwestern Hwy. Ste. 350,
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
888 789 1715

In Ohio:

27600 Chargrin Blvd., Suite 460,

Woodmere, Ohio 44122

In Farmington Hills, Our entrance is the northern most entrance in the complex. A helpful landmark is the Buddy's Pizza located just west of us. ("Yes" we eat a lot of Pizza and "No," we never get tired of it.)

***When you drive into the complex, ignore the outside office signs. Look above the doors to the building furthest north in the complex, our Suite No. 350 is above the entrance which has a black arch - It is the only entrance in the entire complex that has black windows over the entrance doors.


For out-of-state appointments only.

We do not call you. Please call into our office at the designated time. The office number is 888.789.1715.