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What is the Red Rubber Band policy?

Our services require timely payment on your invoices for work performed on your behalf.  We operate on the “Thick Red Rubber Band” policy.  Once legal fees and file expenses have exceeded the amount of the retainer and money is owed, the client will need to pay the balance due within five (5) days of receiving the statement. If payment is not received within this time, the Firm Administrator will bind the file with a thick red rubber band.

The thick red rubber band signifies to our team that your case will not be worked on until the balance has been paid. While there is a “red rubber band” on the file, the Firm will ensure that the client will not miss any deadlines and, if needed, will file one (1) Motion to Extend, which will significantly increase the balance the client will owe. If the balance has still not been paid within the five (5) days, the Firm in its discretion, will file a Motion to Withdraw with the Court. All previous charges still need to be paid. If the balance remains open within thirty (30) days after Soble Law is no longer counsel due to the case being done or an order granting withdrawal, the account will be turned over to our collection agent, where interest will be added to the balance and the debt will be reported to the client’s credit report.

In extreme cases, the debt will be turned over to our collection attorney, who will take the debt, including interest, to court, and the balance, along with all fees associated with the case, will be due. However, if payment or payment arrangements are made before the Firm drops the case, the Thick Red Rubber Band will be removed from the file and the Firm will continue to work on the case.