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How does the client portal work?

Clients of Soble Law have their own Client Portal, allowing users to securely view, upload and download certain documents and pleadings related to their case.  A court scheduling calendar advises clients of upcoming court dates. New clients receive an invite from our office to log on to their individual secure file, and to select a user name and password of their choice. In order to access an existing Client Portal, click here. We prefer that you send your documents through this secure portal and not use email to transmit documents. 

The Soble Law client portal is underwritten by one of the nation’s largest legal document management programs with bank security encryption. This technology is provided to clients as a courtesy. The Soble legal team members are not software developers, nor are we internet technologists. We are legal professionals and we have not created the software.

A majority of our clients benefit from the portal software. However, please note that the client user experience is based upon numerous outside variables beyond our control which can impair the user experience. These include, but are not limited to, the user’s own device, computer operating system, memory, or internet service provider. If you are experiencing difficulties with the platform, we apologize in advance, but we are not responsible for the technology. If problems persist, we will provide attorney -client communication using alternative, albeit, less advanced methods.