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What makes Soble Law a “proven resource”?

For more than 30 years, David Soble has been fortunate to have developed an extensive network of professionals/business owners in our client database. Should you ever have a question or problem and you are not sure where to turn, feel free to give us a call. David will be happy to introduce you to people that he has come to trust and rely upon over the years.  You should also consider our VIP Program that is available free to our clients. Check out

You can find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are very proud to state that over 73% of our clients are referred to us by happy clients. They refer their friends, family members, and colleagues. The rest of our clients find us through social media and quality reviews through Google and AVVO. Please don’t hesitate to provide a thoughtful review, and as always, we appreciate any referrals as a testament to your confidence that you place in us. 

On our website (, you can read articles, receive our newsletters, and view blog posts and slide presentations.  Go to to see daily posts.