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What do I need to know about demand letters?

  1. How many hours of negotiation are included when and if there is a response to my Demand Letter?   Typically, we include up to one hour of negotiation if the file does not go to litigation. 
  2. Will I see the Demand Letter before it is sent out?   Yes.  We ask that you review and confirm the facts of all documents before they are sent out. 
  3. If there is no response after 10 business days will we have to immediately go to litigation or will we consult with the attorney?  You make the decision before we proceed to litigation- we do not automatically file without your permission and without a brief consultation on what to expect when we do file with the courts.
  4. What is the expected time you think it will take a recipient of the Demand Letter to get back to us?  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we give a standard 10 business day response time.