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Can I walk into the office without scheduling an appointment?

If you are dropping off documents with us, and you haven’t the ability to email or fax the same documents, then “Yes” you can drop off your documents. The legal administrator will collect your documents and provide you with a receipt. Do not expect to meet with your attorney or paralegal however. Otherwise, if you are walking in to the office without an appointment expecting to meet with a legal professional, unfortunately you will be disappointed.  The legal team is highly scheduled – the legal team has court hearings, mediations, arbitrations, briefs and pleadings, due, internal strategy meetings, client site visitations, closings, inspections etc. that they are committed to.  Your unexpected visitation will not be helpful to you or to your attorneys. So PLEASE schedule your appointment beforehand.  We would hate to have you drive to our location only for you to wait and wait and wait and wait….  We hate waiting too…that’s why we use a calendar to schedule a time for the attorney to focus on their work without distraction.