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What do I need to know about billing and payments?

Follow these steps to make a payment:

1. Payments are accepted by credit card, check or cash.

2. Payments can by made online using our online payment system which uses the same  bank secure payment technology as the likes of Chase Bank or Bank of America.

3. The payment link will take you to the payment center – You can pay by visa or by check online.

4. A receipt is automatically generated to your email upon completion of your payment.

5. Payment does take 24 to 48 hours to post to your account.

Additional billing and invoicing information:

1. Our billing is done every other week.  Clients can expect their invoice via email.  They can also pay the invoice online.

2. Failure to maintain valid credit card information on file may result in termination of our business relationship.  Clients who have invoices that remain unpaid for over 30 days will receive a notification that our RED RUBBER BAND policy will go into effect, per our client engagement agreement.

3. File expenses and court costs are NOT attorney fees and are billed separately from attorney fees.  They are billed as the expense is incurred.