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A Word About Michigan Residential & Commercial Purchase Agreements

About Michigan Purchase Agreements

A real estate purchase agreement is a contract between a Buyer and a Seller of real estate property setting out the various rights and obligations of both the Buyer and Seller.

The person or company acquiring, receiving and purchasing the property referred to as the “Buyer” and the person or company disposing, conveying and selling the stock or assets is referred to as “Seller”. A Michigan home purchase agreement includes other documents to be executed and include, but are not limited to purchase agreement amendments, FHA / VA Amendments, Seller Disclosure Statements, Lead Paint Disclosure Statements, Assignments, claim of liens, and deeds.

Because purchase agreements are contracts, their provisions can be disputed and challenged. Problems with purchase agreements arise when they are drafted poorly and fail to address important concerns at the onset of a contractual or business relationship. This is because a Michigan purchase transaction has many ‘moving parts” and until a closing occurs, there are outside factors that can influence the outcome of a ‘deal’. Even after a closing, legal obligations made as a result of the agreement, survive long afterwards.

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Since 1990, David has protected the legal and business  interests of large national lenders, investors, property owners, and real estate firms.  He knows the “business” of real estate like few others.

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David doesn’t just “talk the talk.” He “walks the talk” having years of practical experience resolving complex real estate issues.
A large part of resolving issues is knowing where and who to go to. Over the years, David has cultivated an extensive and effective  network of real estate and lending colleagues – that get results.

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David has earned some of the highest peer ratings from the most reputable professional  legal rating services in the industry. More importantly, the accolades come in every month from happy clients  (and happy clients matter most!)

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David has a solid reputation for no-nonsense problem solving and for offering innovative and effective  legal and business solutions that reduce one’s financial risks and legal exposure. In short, David saves his clients money and heart ache.

“David’s legal advice has been a godsend. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home!”

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