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Now you can reference Soble’s straight forward approach to contracting and forming agreements between family or friends.   Filled with case studies and legal commentary that is easy to comprehend, relatable, and instructive. 


“I wish I had this book before I got into business with my good friend and his sister. It all seems good until it isn’t.  David hit the nail on the head.  I read the book and found myself nodding my head the whole time.  There are so many things that I could have done to protect my assets.  I’ll say it again. I wish I had this book…..B. Abrams,  Brownstown


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Real Estate Law

Real estate and finance law are their own legal specialties. So how do you determine which attorney you should work with...

Contract Law

Contracts regulate expectations between parties. Working without a contract is comparable to walking a high wire without a net.

Business Law

Attorneys having years of both practical business experience as well as legal expertise are rare. David Soble is one of these...

Financial Disputes

David Soble has decades of experience as a 'big bank insider." He and his business management team are uniquely situated when it comes to handling our clients stressful financial...


We regularly and successfully litigate real estate and contract issues.  While we prefer to first resolve our client's issues reasonably and amicably, we can and certainly will escalate....

Probate & Estate Planning

For most people, their home, or other real estate, is the most valuable asset that they own.   We're dedicated to protecting our clients'  assets and ensure that their legal interests...

"I anguished for months over my problem. Had I not called you, I do not think I would have had it resolved. In less than two weeks, you negotiated a fair settlement for my business. I'm so happy! Thank you!"

Rhoda St. Luce

Executive Caterering Company

"David Soble and his team are truely a "Proven Resource." When my clients need a diligent and responsive attorney, I can easily make the referral to Soble Law. They're well worth having on your side."

Dino Lembesis
Dino Lembesis

Financial Adviser, Brighton, MI

" If you have a legal problem with your bank loan or mortgage, you can't go wrong by calling David Soble. His legal experience in the real estate and lending community is exceptional. I have had only positive experiences. His approach to client service is an added bonus."

Brian Goodman
Brian Goodman

Mortgage Banker



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