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IRS Tax Resolution – How We  Help

IRS Tax Resolution – How We Help

Dealing with federal tax issues can be a real headache, especially for small business owners and busy individuals who have so much on their plate already.  That's when Soble Law’s IRS Tax Resolution Services can really help -and our involvement can be a game-changer....

Land Contracts Michigan

Land Contracts Michigan

Seller Finances the Land Contract A land contract is a written legal contract or agreement and it’s used to purchase real estate. It can apply to a house, apartment building, commercial building, or even vacant land, so long as it deals with real property.  It’s...

An Overview of the Legal Process for Litigation

An Overview of the Legal Process for Litigation

The method through which legal conflicts are settled through the judicial system is litigation. It is a formal process for settling disputes and is frequently used as a last option when all other attempts have failed. Understanding the litigation process can help you...

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