Do It Yourself Documents!

Soble Law has developed preformatted attorney approved legal documents for our clients and friends. When you think you know what legal document you need, and you can’t wait for our attorneys, then these cost effective legal documents are for you!







FAQs For DIY Legal Documents

Let’s break down a familiar setting that I see all too often when it comes to obtaining forms for real estate and other legal  transactions.

It’s Saturday morning at 6 a.m. and you realize that you need an important document for a purchase transaction and the closing is in one day.  You don’t want to pay for an attorney’s rate on the weekend because they charge TWICE their average rate on the weekends or more based on the hour and urgency.  But you need a document now. So what do you do?

This is where the Soble Law’s DIY Legal Document platform comes in handy.  Remember, “Do it Yourself” is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things by themselves without the direct aid of experts or professionals.

Why are Soble Law’s pre-formatted documents better than using a free document found online, or worse, shared in a Facebook group by a person you don’t know from a person you don’t know?

Most times, while these other documents are drafted by attorneys, they may be so out dated with current laws or watered down through frequent reuse on the internet.  You may not even have all the provisions you need to protect yourself.  And who and where is the person who shared the legal document?  Worse yet, what was their background or experience? How do you know that the document you downloaded will protect you from legal entanglements at a later date?

With Soble’s DIY Documents you can be assured that the forms you are purchasing are the most updated as per federal and state laws and legislation. In fact, many times, but for a client’s custom scenarios, it’s what we use in-house!

How can a paid service put me at ease?

You get your legal documents timely, when you need them. Whether it’s last minute or in the middle of the night when attorneys are sleeping, it’s on your schedule. So no more losing sleep over getting this off your to-do list. Also, because Soble Law has drafted  them and not some “Joe Schmoe” off the street,  you can feel better about your choice and know your legal interests are protected.

Should I hire an attorney or use the DIY document service? 

If your situation has been “by the book,” then these documents are right for you. Most documents don’t need to be made complicated, they just need to be completed correctly.  If you are unsure that a document is right for you, you can always call us during regular business hours just to double check you have the right form and you don’t need anything further.   

What exactly am I paying for?

You’re paying for an attorney drafted document as per current laws and legislation. This document is fillable and can be used by you indefinitely.

What if I make a mistake when filling it out?

No worries! Just email us and we will help you to get a new blank version. 

What if I have more questions about my situation before I purchase a document?

Not a problem.  Give us a call at 888 789 1715 and we can discuss and address your immediate concerns.

Now for some extra tips when you do your own legally binding documents:

  • Get a notary or witness.
  • Notaries can be found at banks you belong to or at places like a UPS store. Some you have to pay for and others you don’t. Just be sure if two signatures are needed you are both present at the same time. 
  • A witness can be mostly anyone so be sure they print clearly and provide any information requested by the document.
  • Use blue or black ink when signing. We prefer that you use blue ink.
  •  No pencils or fancy colors.
  • Be sure and get 2-3 fully signed copies.  Most of the documents contained in our library have a “counterparts” provision, which means that a signed copy can be just as good as an original.  Please note: not all municipalities will accept copies for recording. 
  • If you need to get one recorded by the county, it needs to be an original. 
  • Let us know if this will help you with your current needs and how we can serve you better.