Proven Resource/Soble PLC is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Game On Cancer/ Henry Ford Cancer Institute to raise much needed funds for patient assistance, important research and supportive oncology programs.

Since 2015 Game on Cancer has assisted over 3,500 patients and their families. Assistance includes living expenses (housing assistance, utility bills grocery assistance), patient transportation and prescription assistance. They are also kicking off a Kid’s Club to help children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

With the support and active presence of the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons this is a program that we are thrilled to join.

Nancy Phillips & David Soble attend the 2018 “Game On Cancer” Kick Off Event at Ford Field.

Nancy P. and David S. meet former Detroit Lion’s Star Wide Receiver, Herman Moore at the GOC Kick-off.

“Why This Organization and What is “Financial Toxicity?”

On October 1, 2012, our very good friend and colleague, Nancy Phillips, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer. To hear the dreaded three words “you have cancer” drastically changes one’s life in every way.

One of the most frightening things about the illness is dealing with “Financial Toxicity.” Imagine having to make the choice between cancer treatments or buying groceries, not having a ride to your chemo appointments and/or not being able to pay your rent or mortgage. Every day, hundreds of patients are forced to make this choice. It’s hard to fight cancer when you are faced with financially stressors.

David Soble, Nancy Phillips and the Proven Resource staff want YOU to join our team to help relieve the stress of financial toxicity. Please contact Nancy Phillips at our office to find out how you can help. Our goal in 2018 is to raise $10,000 towards non-medical assistance for cancer patients struggling to make their financial ends meet. Come an join the “Game on Cancer.”


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