A contract is an agreement between two people or more people who typically exchange money, services, or goods.

If you are looking to enter into a contract you want to make sure you have entered into a legally binding agreement. An experienced attorney can make sure your interests are protected.

Attorney David Soble regularly drafts and negotiates contracts for clients to protect their legal interests.


Any relationship should be managed by a contract for reliability, protection, and peace of mind. Some contracts must be in writing in order for a court to enforce them. All other contracts should be written to prevent confusion and arguments about the terms of a contract. (See Soble’s article on the Statute of Frauds.)

Partnership agreements between business professionals regarding the roles and responsibilities each person will handle.

Contractors should have a contract for the type of services and the amount of work they will perform in exchange for payment.

Customers and clients may be subject to terms and conditions regarding services or products.

Businesses should have disclosures and disclaimers regarding services and products to manage clients’ expectations and minimize conflicts.

According to the Statute of Frauds, some contracts must be in writing in order for a court to enforce them. They are:

  1. Long term contracts that will not be completed within 1 year.
  2. A contract involving real estate, such as a purchase agreement, lease or easement.
  3. A contract for a large value of money or goods.
  4. A contract where one person agrees to take care of the debt of another person.


Are you looking to enter into a contract for business or personal reason ? Contracts are useful for many reasons and can be used in any setting.

  • Contracts provide a description of responsibilities.
  • Contracts bind people to their duties.
  • Contracts can guarantee payments.
  • Contracts minimize disagreements and encourage cooperation.
  • Contracts resolve disputes and provide a remedy for when a relationship falls apart.
  • Contracts create a promise that transactions and services provided are protected.
  • Contracts help manage business expectations between parties.


While you can certainly write an agreement by yourself, it is highly recommended that you use a lawyer.

Contract attorneys have extensive legal knowledge on how to create and negotiate an agreement and how to ensure a party’s compliance and performance under a contract. Most importantly, should one party fail to meet their obligations under the contract terms, experience attorneys know how to pursue legal remedies against the offending party.

Don’t practice law in a vacuum. Contact David Soble to discuss your concerns before you enter into a contract.

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Finally, research the prospective attorney. Check their articles, testimonials, white papers, and peer d reviews. Review what other people have to say about working with the attorney. Check online reviews and directories: it will shed light on their legal and business style.

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