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“AV-PREEMINENT” Peer- Rated Real Estate Attorney and Former “Big Bank Insider” of 25+ Years Reveals His Practical Real Estate Legal and Loan Tips For Business Owners,Homeowners, and Real Estate Investors alike


Real Estate Tip #1: The 5 myths about working with a real estate agent. You’ll be surprised at what you learn.

Real Estate Tip #2: The 4 ways to limit your exposure as a guarantor or cosigner in real estate.

Real Estate Tip #3: How can you protect yourself against ‘real estate tricksters.”

Real Estate Tip #4: The 5 things homeowners are doing that sabotage their mortgage modification or short sale request.

Real Estate Tip #5: How to take advantage of federal law when purchasing a deceased family members property.

Real Estate Tip #6: The federal and state real estate laws that you may be breaking now! (This can be very costly.)

Real Estate Tip #7: What real estate investors can do so as not to be made a “legal test case” by the authorities.

“What’s Keeping You Up At Night?”

An Attorney’s Practical Approach to Resolving
Real Estate or Debt Nightmares

Now you can reference Soble’s straight forward approach to “real estate nightmares” or “loan nightmares.” Get the no nonsense information you need to put those nagging issues concerning real estate or loans and debt to rest!

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What People Are Saying….


“I wish I knew this information (and David for that matter) over a year ago!”
Sam A., Sterling Heights, MI.

“The way that David set out different options for me really helped me understand my concern a whole lot better.His delivery is bit more direct than others, but it’s real life. He pulls no punches and that hits home with me”.
Jerry S., Haslett, MI

“You know you are getting an insider’s perspective on solving real estate problems. The authenticity reads off the page.I love how it is organized and how easy it is to read. Glad to keep this for a great reference”.
Marian N., Bloomfield Hills, MI

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